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IJSJES is a blog to accelerate learning for beginner and intermediate-level engineers that write JavaScript.

What a silly name!

Yes. IJsjes is the Dutch word for popsicles. It’s pronounced kind of like ice-yus. Why did I choose this? Well, it has the letters JS in it. Many more Dutch words include these letters and in these order, but ijsjes had the best vibes by far. More so than lijst (list), prijs (price and prize), bewijs (proof), wijs (wise), etc. So yeah, ice-yus.


  • Make people better.
  • Low barrier of entry. Through simple language, code samples, and cross-linking, I aim to make the posts as accessible as I can. It should be understandable for beginner and intermediate developers.
  • Easy to digest. This somewhat enforces previous point, but also means consumption of the entire list should also be as easy as possible.
  • Somewhat unopiniated Challenging ideas of others and your own, is a great way to explore options and optimise result. I don’t want to produce coding robots that do the same thing I do, but people who know what their options are and use that knowledge to find the optimal one.

The future

Honestly, this project is in its infancy so there’s no long-term vision. I do have ideas on how to make IJSJES better.

Right now, the post count is so low, that it’s not too overwhelming to browse through to find the posts you want to read. At some point, however, this might change. Maybe after 50, 100, or even 1000 posts, someone might be overwhelmed and not bother. I’d hate for that to happen, so I might introduce browsing features and passive methods of consumption. Options are:

  • A search field. If people need a specific thing, they don’t need to browse the entire blog.
  • A newsletter that sends an article once a week to enable people to slowly catch up.
  • A Slack bot and/or Discord bot that DMs an article once or twice a week so businesses can train their juniors passively. I might ask for a small fee for that.

I’m very curious to learn about your ideas! Please share them with me on Mastodon or on Twitter.

About the author

Hello there! My name is Tim Severien and I’ve been writing JavaScript for 15 years, of which 11 professionally. For most of that period, I’ve been writing about JavaScript on and off on SitePoint and my own blog. My life goal is to help people succeed. I can do that by blogging about my love for JavaScript.